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Return with your heads held high

New Delhi: Pitted against the crème de la crème of Asian football, the All India Football Federation is not expecting great things from the national team in next month’s Asian Cup, but wants Bob Houghton’s boys to return home with their heads held high. 
    “We want the team to leave a lasting impression so that the world knows that Indian football is headed in the right direction. The country just wants them to put in their best effort in the tournament, irrespective of the results,” a top AIFF source said. “Lose, but come back with your heads held high, that’s the message,” he said. 
    AIFF general secretary Kushal Das, back after a two-day trip to Dubai to motivate Baichung Bhutia and Co following an unfortunate spat between Houghton and former manager Pradeep Chowdhury that led to the latter walking out of the team, said the boys are all geared up for the tournament.

With the national team going through a rough patch in recent times following heavy defeats against Kuwait, Yemen and UAE, it's not surprising that the spirits in the camp are not high. The Indian football fans, who used to dream a miraculous result unril a few months ago are now praying hard to save face with a decent scoresheet.
The team has qualified for the Asian Cup after around 30 years and AIFF had spend all that it could to leave a mark. But due to smaller pool of players and nagging injury, hopes are dying.

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